Client Showcase - LiveSafe

 When we think of pollutants or harmful substances in our environment, our minds can conjure up only the elements that are tangible - like murky water, smoky air or contaminated food. 
Rarely do you think of other harmful components like UV rays or pesticides in our food, and harmful radiation from our devices and cellphone towers - these are easy to overlook as they are invisible to the naked eye! 
Working towards one such cause is LiveSafe.  
LiveSafe, founded by Neehar Rao, provides end-to-end mobile, Wi-Fi and cell tower management solutions for homes, offices and schools. It enables people to use all devices safely and minimise their exposure to radiation. 
LiveSafe is also one of our clients at FlexiBees, having hired about 5 part-time and remote-working professionals to help them with their client servicing and inside sales.  Neehar believes that this has been a very fruitful association and has provided them with professionals who share the same drive, passion and vision. 
So we recently caught up with Neehar, Founder of LiveSafe to understand their business and to know what worked well for them and why they choose to hire flexible talent. What ensued was an interesting conversation about how we are affected by radiation and how little we know about it! 
Some excerpts from our conversation: 

How did it all start? Tell us your story.  

After my stint in the US, I came back to India and was consulting with LRDE, NAL and the likes. Later, I started my own enterprise that worked with transaction security. We developed a platform but couldn’t see much traction. 
I started looking for opportunities when a friend approached me. There was a cell tower close to his apartment and his grandmother had cancer and he asked me if there was a link between the two. 
Could the cell tower be the cause?
When I started to research to find these answers, I could not find them. There was no way of detecting and calculating the radiation. There was a lot of ambiguity and disinformation around this subject. 
That is where my journey started. I started researching and reading up extensively and then created a proof of concept. 

Can you tell us something about radiation and what you discovered? Why is this so compelling? 

For starters, no one realises how potent radiation can be. It is not something you can touch, see, hear so it becomes easy to ignore. 
Added to that, we do not use our devices responsibly. Our need to stay in constant touch is glueing us to our devices  - almost making it another appendage! We sleep with our cell phones under our pillow and have our Wi-Fi routers in our living spaces! We even use cell phones as a proxy nanny/caretaker for children as they easily are attracted to the changing colours and animations! 
And most radiation is carcinogenic in nature! And children are more susceptible to it as their brains are still physically developing. 
From 2015 to 2020, the number of cell users almost doubled - that means more cellphones, more cell towers and more radiation. 
When we did about 200 audits, we realised that people who were constantly exposed complained of fatigue, headaches and other illnesses. Think about it when you talk for a long time on your phone, it heats up and heats up your ear. This is only the smallest way where you can experience the direct effects of radiation. 
As a part of our offering, we conduct different programs to educate people and spread awareness.
When did you start seeing success? What was the turning point?
The journey of a thousand miles starts with a small step.
Baby steps have turned into strides and we are now scaling up both in the consumer as well as the enterprise space.
The feedback has been very encouraging.
The greatest high for us is when we know we have made a difference. One example that comes to mind is a case study we had done in Feb, 2020. We were auditing a home where the mother had an autoimmune disease and the kids had tumours. There was a cell tower right outside their home. 
After our audit, recommendations and subsequent changes, I am happy to report that the mother is completely fine and the kids’ tumours have reduced dramatically in size. We managed to reduce their exposure to radiation by 99%!
This is what drives us - knowing we are making a difference and helping people lead safer and fuller lives. 

What is your differentiator? 

 We have a strong R&D team and we have a complete product line with complete in-house manufacturing that gives a lot of control over the quality and safety of the products we are manufacturing. 
We focus on making products that produce minimal radiation and we also focus a lot on educating people. Our belief is that if people know better, they choose better. 

What are your future plans?

Today technology is all-pervasive and we cannot live without it. But the dangers of ‘ too much technology’ and electromagnetic radiation cannot be ignored. 
We want to help people live in harmony with technology whilst cocooning them from the harmful effects of devices and the ensuing radiation. 

What made you opt for flexible talent and FlexiBees and how has been your experience?  

We hired 4-5 people from FlexiBees. We were in the process of revamping our website and worked with part-time professionals to help us - with the content and designing of the site. 
And we also hired a couple of Inside Sales Managers. They are absolutely fantastic! They don’t just deliver the results we are looking for but also are on the same page in terms of our philosophy, drive and passion. I have a special shout out to Sharanya - who has become an integral part of  LiveSafe. 
It is always a pleasure to work with people who share your vision. 
And it is so convenient. For some of these roles, we did not need full-time staff. And it is more expensive to go to agencies to hire them for a project or on a short-term basis. For example, we managed to revamp our website at much more affordable prices than to go through an agency for the same. 
And the quality and flexibility that FlexiBees offers are absolutely amazing! 
Moreover, with remote workers, we need zero infrastructure. It works out economically better with great benefits for everyone involved. 
I personally think it is a fantastic offering! I love the concept and stand by it. It is amazing to be able to offer this kind of opportunity to women who are driven and passionate but want a better work-life equation. 
If you are curious about radiation and your exposure, do reach out to LiveSafe to find out more.