I am ready to return to work, but how do I let companies know that?

Welcome to the last step of I-RISE, our 5-step plan to help you become technically ready to return to work. Now that you have gone through the first four steps, and hopefully feel more ready and confident, the big question is, how DO I get back?
Well, there is no one answer. You will have to repeat the first four steps; for example, networking yields results only over time, so if you started getting back in touch with your industry colleagues as per Step 3 - Interact, it will take more than one meeting for it to materialise into something significant. But what you definitely do need to do it to let people know in every which way that you ready to return, and one of the most important ways is via step 5 - E-update.
E-update in philosophy means to put yourself out there. Whether it be a whatsapp group, Facebook or a family gathering, to let people know about your intent to return, and what you bring to the table. You never know who is listening. In process, we can distill it down to two steps
1# Update your resume: Your resume is your life in one page or two. In one glance (which is all that recruiters sometimes have time for), it should be able to paint a picture of who you are, where you have been and where you intend to go. Difficult? Well, we will tell you how to get all this done through the week.
2# Update your LinkedIn profile: If your resume is your life, your LinkedIn profile is the key to it. Today, a large part of recruitments are happening over LinkedIn, with recruiters, hiring managers, HR people all trying to find that elusive talent online. They might post a job opening, circulate an ad, or simply search, and all three need you to share your credentials with LinkedIn such that these people can find you. A good LinkedIn profile not only drives immense credibility and gets you that first call, but also assures everyone of how technology and media savvy you are
So ladies, the next couple of weeks we are going to devote to helping you with e update your profiles. And by the end of it, we are hoping you all will be masters at it.
But like we always say, don’t wait to achieve mastery before applying for jobs. Each process has a lead time, and it’s best to throw your hat into the ring a little before you are fully ready. So if you are ready to return, apply to FlexiBees today on this link, and we will get in touch with you if your profile matches any of our requirements.
Looking forward to this week, and to lots of useful content to help you get back to work. See you then!

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