Lakshmi's family is her best support system

Lakshmi Soundarya Andra is working flexibly as a Digital Marketing Associate for a Learning Solutions Startup. Her family not only inspired her to get back to work, they provided a great support system to her, so that she could work without any worries.

"I live with a beautiful daughter, two lovely dogs and my cat that I adopted a couple of years ago. I was a single mother, but now am engaged to a wonderful man who's been super supportive of me at both work and otherwise, too. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful support system, who've been my biggest strength.

It was my family who inspired me to get back to work. I had taken a break of a couple of years and had major anxiety whether I would be able to start off again, but my family, and Flexibees as well gave me confidence and strength that I could do it all, and never gave in to my self-doubt. They pushed me when I needed to be pushed, held my hand through the difficult times and stuck with me through it all.   

After my divorce, I was forced to get back into work because of extenuating circumstances, but my daughter was super supportive and inspired me to be better and do better, she learnt to make herself some snacks when I can't always be there and has also become super responsible at home as well.   My fiance is also extremely helpful and takes care of the house when am unable to, making life 100 times easier. If anyone out there is looking to get back into work, I'd suggest they have a proper sit-down with their family, and set expectations, as well as divide responsibilities so the first couple of weeks are seamless. If you have that in place, the rest will fall into place automatically too!"
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