Why Family Support is so important in your Returnship journey

Often have we heard (and quoted) that behind every successful man, there is, apparently, a woman. 
The reverse is equally true. Behind every successful and fulfilled woman, is her support system. Her husband, her parents, her in-laws, her friends - more recently, known as the village, the folks who provide succour to her on her tremendous journey by providing emotional and physical support. And that is why, as the next step to getting ready to return to work (here are the three steps to readiness as we categorise it) you need to make every effort to enlist your family and get them on your side. 
The wing beneath your wings
Family can inspire us to achieve more. From a father who supports your ambition, and stands a little taller every time you achieve something new, to your son who brags to his friends when his mumma gets a promotion at work, family is often the gust of wind that takes you to loftier peaks. Some women find purpose and inspiration in the lives of those around them such as Rajlakshmi Borthakur.   
Your emotional recharger
Even the strongest of us need emotional validation from our dear ones. You can climb mountains at work, when you know you have people back home who will greet you with open arms and wide smiles when you return tired after a day’s work. Of course it is not impossible to chart difficult terrain without your family’s sanction and women in India routinely do it, but it is not the preferable option.
Your Safety Net
There is no dearth of situations that can send your delicately balanced working woman universe into a tizzy. Your nanny could be on holiday, your daycare could be temporarily shut due to an outbreak of hand-foot-mouth, your child could get ill for the tenth time that month, or just wake up really really cranky. From the smallest of situations where your husband picks up your daughter after daycare so you can work till late, to some biggish emergencies when you can request your parents or in-laws to come stay with you for a while, family can come to all sorts of rescue. 
So how should one go about ensuring that we have the resounding and unequivocal support of our family before we embark on our adventurous journeys? While it is not a science, there are ways which can aid it, and help smoothly transition you to a returnship career. We will be talking about it for the next few weeks from our experience of interacting with more than a thousand women who have or are looking to make this transition. 
So keep reading and let us know if what you read helped you!

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