Flexi Hiring - An Opportunity for India, Report by Jefferies featuring FlexiBees

Recently, FlexiBees had a tete-a-tete with Jefferies, a reputed diversified financial services company engaged in investment banking and capital markets, asset management, and direct investing.
In their 'Feet on Street' edition, they interacted with us, at FlexiBees, to dig deep into Flexi Hiring -  An Opportunity for India. We spoke of trends, challenges, what it means for businesses, and what the short and long-term impact of the pandemic is likely to be. 
We are honoured to have got the opportunity to speak about the Flexi Hiring space and to be featured as one of the companies leading the charge in this space. 
Going ahead, we commit to helping many more businesses achieve their goals by enabling them with high-quality, agile, and affordable talent, as well as helping many more people discover a new way of living that helps them balance their professional and personal commitments.
To read the full report, click on the snapshot of the Jefferies report, and download it.