FlexiBees is a Game Changer in the recruitment industry!

According to findings released by multinational staffing firm ManPower Group in June, this year, global talent shortage is at a 12-year high - out of almost 40,000 employers surveyed globally, nearly 45 per cent are struggling to fill in roles. The Talent Shortage survey also reveals that India is among the top 10 most affected markets in the world, with 56 per cent of employers facing difficulties in filling positions.
However, juxtaposed with these findings is also the fact that India has the highest number of people actively searching for a job.  Labour bureau statistics show that around 23 million people were out of jobs and actively searching, as of 2015. So, why is there such a paradox wherein there is a talent crunch, despite there being an abundance of people?
A reason for this could be the way hiring is conducted whereby companies are finding it difficult to fill in positions with apt talent. This is becoming starker as more organisations go digital and it becomes imperative to find talent with the right skill sets.
Hiring has traditionally been a need-based process – when a vacancy arises, the organization gets in touch with their in-house recruitment department, or an external recruitment agency, to find and recruit, what they believe, would be the right candidate for the position. Hence, employers spend a lot of money and time to find the perfect recruitment agency who will be able to cater to their staffing needs.
However, organizations often face myriad problems while dealing with traditional recruitment agencies:
Not the perfect fit: David Heinemeier Hansson or DHH, the creator of the Ruby on Wheels web development framework, once wrote about how a tech recruiter had approached him and offered development opportunities with Groupon, while another one offered him a job which required a ‘creative and talented Ruby developer.’
DHH’s story is a classic example of how most recruitment agencies focus on the number of candidates and conduct the first-level match but do not take time to understand the client’s requirement in-depth in terms of aptitude, attitude, skill-sets, personality, etc that is required for the job.  In many cases, recruitment agencies just shortlist candidates on the basis of a match of educational qualifications, while the rest do not fit at all. This means they neither provide quality customer service nor career support to clients and candidates, respectively.
Lack of an agile talent pool: Traditional recruitment agencies often do not go beyond their pool of potential candidates to search for talent which otherwise may not be available for a typical full-time setup. However, in this fast-paced world, the needs of companies have become much more specific, and dynamic and/or experimental. Today, it is likely that traditional roles are broken into highly specialised modularised project based demands or re-envisioned as flexi-time, part-time, contractual roles to reap the benefits that come with them. Hence, the need of the hour is agile talent, that can jump in and hit the ground running without requiring training, thus enabling forward-thinking and growth aspiring companies to reach their goals faster and better. Traditional recruitment agencies neither have access to this pool nor the know-how of how such models work.
High non-customized pricing: Traditional recruitment agencies often charge a month’s worth of the annual CTC of the candidate, as their fees.  This works out to be expensive for startups and smaller businesses in particular,especially if the job requirements and roles on offer are non traditional i.e.  flexi-time, temporary and experimental in nature. What is required is a more customised pricing solution to cater to the non-traditional hiring requirements.
Lack of after-service: The responsibilities of most traditional recruitment agencies stop with getting the candidate placed.  Employers are often short-changed as the talent that has been shortlisted by the recruitment company may not be up to the mark, or in some cases, may not even turn up on the first day.  This is because most recruitment agencies do not bother about after-service or check in on either the client or the candidate to inquire whether the specific requirements of the role have been met and whether the candidate is the right fit for the job.
A Game Changer
With developing technologies and rapid economic shifts that are changing the way the world functions, what the recruitment industry needs is disruption. Today, just the bare minimum is no longer the norm - there has to be a real investment in and a true understanding of the needs of the client.
FlexiBees is exactly that, a game-changer that promises to change the way recruitment is done. At FlexiBees, we stand out by bringing you top-notch talent which may, otherwise, be outside the traditional recruitment purview. Our aim is to re-employ highly qualified and experienced women professionals from across all areas of expertise, who have opted out of the traditional full-time job setup. For our clients, we tap into this hidden, highly talented pool and carry out a rigorous matching process for each role to ensure that we provide the best quality staffing solutions to our clients.
In the sea of ‘just another recruitment agency’, we stand apart because we provide:
Thorough business lens: FlexiBees has been started by batch mates from IIM-Bangalore with 30 years of cumulative experience between them in Strategy, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Digital, Consumer Insights, Software Development, Learning & Assessment, etc. Their vision is to provide talent solutions that work best for real business problems and their processes are geared towards applying a business need lens to each requirement. Hence, they are able to understand the context and see nuances, that traditional recruitment agencies might miss.
Holistic vetting for best-fit: FlexiBees conducts rigorous recruitment, with its proprietary process that uses matching algorithms to shortlist and tools like Assignments, In-depth interviews by domain experts, and Flexifit, a custom tool to determine personality and remote-working fitment. This ensures best-fit candidate matching that answer to the client’s requirement
On-demand workforce: FlexiBees offers flexible talent such as part-time talent working 25-hour weeks, or project-based talent for a 100-hour assignment or short-term talent to fill a vacancy for 6 months, all from a pool of 10000+ pan-India experts who don’t need to be trained extensively and can hit the ground running.
Affordable custom pricing: FlexiBees has pricing solutions where clients need pay only for the time they buy. It does a custom pricing for each role, keeping in consideration the unique requirement of each client.
Quality after service: Unlike most traditional recruitment agencies whose work stops with getting the candidate placed, FlexiBees ensures the loop is closed and clients are well and truly satisfied. It also provides best practices, guidance and coaching to their candidates as well as other interventions, wherever required. In this way, it is a talent partner for clients, focused on providing solutions that actually work.
Talent can make or break your organisation’s future. The need of the hour is, thus, to connect with the right recruitment team that understands your organisation’s ethos, the work that you do and your team, in order to provide talent solutions that cater to exactly those needs.  
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