Future of Workplace Summit 2018: Where the world of work is headed to

The world is going through one of the most significant periods of disruption, ever. In fact, the pace of change is so rapid that, as American inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil had predicted at the start of the millennium, the next 100 years will experience 20,000 years of relative technological change. With digitisation, and artificial intelligence taking over the world, it is also shaping the way we work.
The world of work has been going through changes at a break-neck speed. When everything - from technology to the people in the workforce - is evolving at such a rapid pace, how can workplaces be expected to remain the same? Which is why, in order to stay relevant, organisations need to innovate and evolve with the times. Going forward, companies will be required to analyse the challenges that lie ahead in such a technologically disruptive world and build strategies to navigate them.
Some of the biggest challenges are about people and jobs. People are the driving forces behind successful companies, but the talent pool of tomorrow has very different priorities and life goals than the talent that the companies have been used to so far.  It, hence, becomes imperative for organisations to stay on top of macro trends, in order to ensure that they are able to retain the best talent that will help create a stronger, flexible and more creative workplace. Organisations will need to drive collaboration, innovation and productivity to accommodate a multi-generational workforce and individual workplace preferences. They will also need to create an augmented workforce by redesigning jobs and understanding the future of growth.
In preparation of the workplace of the future, organisations and Thought Leaders the world over are debating and discussion ideal solutions to help pave the way. And one such futuristic conversation will happen on December 13 at the Future of Workplace Summit 2018, which will be held at the St Regis, Mumbai.
Learn from Thought Leaders
Conceptualised and curated by Transformance Media, the Future of Workplace Summit 2018, is exclusively designed for the C-Suite, Business Strategy Leaders, HR Transformation Leaders, Technology Leaders, Culture and Employee Experience Leaders and Innovation Leaders, among others.
The Gold Partner at the event is FlexiBees, an organisation that aims to be a pioneering force to drive and shape the future of the workplace via a flexible workforce. As a strategic partner for the event, FlexiBees will be leading thoughts and multiple discussions on various aspects throughout the day.
The Summit will feature insights and expertise from other thought leaders, including HR Leaders, Programme Directors, Presidents and Vice Presidents from companies such as Amazon India, Reliance Industries, Future Group, Philips, Abbot, Genpact, Mindtree, Mattel, FIS, Sodexo India and Pidilite Industries. Shreya Prakash, Co-founder, FlexiBees, will also share the company’s expertise on the Future of Work.   
The Summit will feature engaging and highly insightful discussions which will cover aspects such as redefining work and on how work today has gone beyond just a location, to become a unit of productivity which is distributed to people, teams and companies.  Future of Workplace Summit 2018 will also feature discussions on the C-Suite’s perspective on the future of work and the new business realities that are emerging due to the changing nature of the work and workplaces.
Future of Work: Flexibility
Physical boundaries and the lines between workplaces and where work is happening are getting blurred. Today, the employee does not need to be at the physical office to get work done – futuristic businesses have remote teams set up across multiple locations anywhere in the world – all contributing towards the final goal. Hence, with the rapid economic shifts and changes in technology, the future of work will be about flexibility. Thus, companies will need to think beyond the traditional hiring strategies in order to find the right talent that can be optimized to create a more productive, flexible workforce.
As game-changers in the recruitment industry, FlexiBees addresses the needs of the workplace of the future through its innovative, flexible and cost-effective hiring solutions. By offering flexible talent such as part-time talent, or project-based talent from a pool of 10000+ pan-India experts, FlexiBees brings into the summit vast experience and expertise, which will be shared on the platform by Co-founder Shreya Prakash.
Aiming at agile businesses who have their eyes on the future, Shreya will speak at length about what flexible talent solutions are, the technology that is helping drive these future-proof hiring solutions and the benefits of it while sharing stories of companies who have successfully adopted these futuristic hiring solutions.
The Future of Workplace Summit 2018 is the platform that you should be at to learn from the game changers of the talent solutions industry and understand how work will evolve and be done in the future.
For more details on the event, visit: http://futureworkplace.me/
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