Hey HR Professionals, these are the skills that will help you return to work

Human Resources is a vast field with many different specialisations and facets. Yesterday we spoke about some of the trends in this space, which you can read here. If you were an HR professional before your career break and are looking for a way to re-enter, these below are some of the skills you could brush up on. But like we always say, don’t wait for perfection, but attain it on-the-job. So start applying today to get into the groove and back into the game.
1) Enhance your Digital Knowledge
The whole world has gone digital and so has Human Resources. Below are some of the ways in which Digital can help HR folks
Sourcing talent using Social Media Platforms: Nowadays a part of candidate sourcing is done via online talent marketplaces including platforms like LinkedIn. The ability to navigate these platforms to post jobs that can attract the right Target Audience is a desirable skill.
Hiring talent using new-age techniques: Game-based evaluations, psychometrics evaluations, face recognition technology are some examples of how advanced HR Tech has become today especially in the space of hiring. Your familiarity with these concepts will give you an edge by making you seem progressive and in the loop.
Managing talent using Technology: Digital Transformation in HR i.e. automating certain processes, gathering information from candidates electronically that eases the process for everyone, and storing candidate information electronically / on the cloud that increases security and safety of the data as well as enables it to be used for analytics, are some examples of how HRIS is used. Your familiarity with these concepts and being tech savvy in general, even if you don’t know specific softwares and their functions, will go a long way
2) Hone these softer skills
Organisational ability: The ability to manage calendars, schedule meetings, manage your own time, and employee records, are very basic HR skills that everybody should have - whether first-time joinee, second career re-entrant or senior professional. You can use some tools to make it easier to manage calendars and juggle multiple work-streams.
Adaptability: With ways of working and workplaces changing like never before, being open and attuned to change is going to be a Human Resources super power. You could actively hone it, and if you have this skill, make sure your interviewers know
Communication: Human Resources professionals at all levels need to have clear written and verbal skills, the ability to listen to people and the ability to intervene calmly in conflict-laden situations.
Calm & clear decision making: With workplaces getting more prone to lawsuits and harassment charges, Human Resources has to not only put in place processes to deal with them, but also develop the ability to oversee these investigations with clear heads and make decisions as per the best available information
Confidentiality: Human Resources more than any other function needs to be seen as trustworthy and credible and an individual who has mastered these attributes and is able to convey them will definitely have an edge.
3) Consider these in-demand specialisations
While there is a lot of demand, especially in smaller firms for generalists who have multiple skill-sets, with larger organisations, the need for specialisation might help you showcase yourself as the best-fit candidate for the job. These below are some of the specialisations in-demand you could consider
Compensation & Benefits: With career paths getting more complex, it is becoming increasingly more useful to have a specialist on-board who will help navigate different kinds of backgrounds & experiences and help the organisation be competitive
Training & Development: With new skills emerging every two years as the technology cycle upgrades, it is critical for organisations to upgrade their talent pool as well. Learning & Development managers who can think digital first will be in great demand
Recruitment & Placements: Getting top notch talent, whether full-time, flexi-time, gig, returnship, etc is going to be a competitive superpower and could make or break your organisation. If you have the right skills and mindset to play in this area, you will be in demand
Human Resources Information Systems: As more organisations consider Digital Transformation, it is increasingly necessary to have someone on-board who understands legacy systems, the new technologies and has the lens of HR to navigate the two. Enter - You, if you like software and have the strategic mindset that HR needs, this could be the specialisation for you
So all the best for your returnship in the space of Human Resources. Things are very exciting today, and there is something for everyone to do. So polish up your skills a bit and take the plunge. But like we said earlier, don’t wait to reach perfection, but attain it on-the-job. So start applying today and get started on your returnship journey!
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