How Flexible Talent can Help Start-Ups & SMEs: Our case studies

India is now the world's 5th largest economy in the world with a GDP of $2.87 trillion in 2019, more than 4% higher than in 2018. India's GDP has risen quickly in the past 25 years, leapfrogging France and the UK. 
When thinking about the country’s GDP, we usually think of the bigger players in the market - the established companies and large corporations. But start-ups and MSMEs have a huge role in contributing to that number. Last year, at the convocation of IIT-Madras, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India is on the third spot in the top start-up nations of the world, with more than 7,000 startups in the ecosystem. And MSMEs contribute 30% to it and contribute 40% to the overall country’s exports and form a huge sector of the Indian economy too. 
But during a financial crisis and an economic downturn, they can get adversely affected owing to their size and costs of running their businesses. After a taxing year, most businesses are looking forward to an accelerated growth plan in 2021. 
Depending on the growth curve of the business, there could be different needs of an organization. 
Maybe you are planning to launch a new product or service and need an entire team that can handle it - sales, marketing, distribution, social media visibility, and more. 
Maybe you are expanding your business to a new vertical and want to experiment with an agile team that can contribute to this growth - product development, testing, marketing and sales. 
Or maybe you need experts to help you grow your business. You are doing fairly well but are wondering how you can make the next jump - data analysts, SEO marketing, sales strategists and more. 
Our Solutions: 
#1: If you want to research opportunity areas for expansion: We can help you create expansion plans by getting data & information on market size, competition strategy, differentiation, new market opportunities, etc. Hire a Marketing Research expert who can do the market research, competitive analysis, and prospect/client profiling
Recently,  a manufacturing company was looking for an Executive Assistant & Lead Generation Professional who could generate leads from various sources and do online research to unearth new opportunity areas. We provided an experienced research professional to exactly match the business needs. She soon became an integral part of the company. 
#2: If you want to drum up your business: We can help you hire experienced sales professionals who can work on lead generation, sales conversions, and more. 
Recently, a start-up delivering premium events & experiences to corporates needed expansion of their Inside Sales capability. We provided them with an Inside Sales Talent (B2B) to work for 20hrs per week to generate leads and convert them into meetings for their Sales team to take forward. They hit the ground running!
#3: If you want to create strong marketing campaigns with relevant content: We can help study the market, plan and create strategic content for various stages of business growth. Hire experienced content specialists to write brand-aligned, strategic, and high-quality content for your websites, brochures, social media promotions, and more. 
Recently, a bootstrapped start-up in the space of Sales training & assessments needed a B2B Content Writer. They wanted to create brand visibility and understanding of the products offered, by writing informative & interesting blogs. We provided a natural storyteller with 10+ years of experience in Content Strategy, Content Writing, and PR, creating marketing materials for B2B and B2C businesses. The clients were satisfied with the quality and as a result, increased the quantum of work. 
#4: If you want to create or increase your digital or social presence:  The digital marketing teams can help you create a social media presence, increase visibility, generate higher engagement, and increase traffic to your website. We can help you hire either one talent resource or a bundled team to deliver according to your business needs.
Recently, a start-up in EdTech space wanted a Digital team in-house but didn’t have the budget for full-time hires. So they decided to hire for the different skills they needed, but part-time. They wanted a Social Media Marketer to work for 10-15 hours a week and tell their brand story across multiple platforms leading to higher engagement, traffic, and leads and an SEO specialist to go hand in hand with organic lead generation. They also wanted to add on a paid marketing manager once they started paid ads. We provided to them these professionals for the hours they needed and with relevant and deep experience: an SMM professional who had 5+ years across channels and industries including education; an SEO specialist who had 10+ years of experience; a Paid Marketing Manager who had 14+ years of expertise in AdWords, media planning, analytics and optimization of campaigns across channels. 
#5: If you need help with administrative functions to free up your bandwidth:  Maybe you need help with administrative and operational tasks that currently suck up a lot of your time. We can help you hire experienced talent, only for the hours you need so that can save you precious time! 
Recently, a company that provides advanced eCommerce Market Intelligence needed a virtual assistant, who could manage calendars, schedule meetings, manage monthly routine admin tasks like bill payments, do basic accounting to issue invoices, and payroll-related tasks. We provided them with an experienced professional with a background in Finance working as a Virtual Assistant for the last few years. It was a perfect match!
#6: If you want to develop new products: Maybe you are on the verge of creating or developing new products and need SMEs with deep industry knowledge. But the need could be project-based or for the short term and hiring experts full-time can be an expensive affair.  It could be beneficial to hire part-time or project-based talent from platforms such as FlexiBees, who can invest in the deep vetting process to find the right match. 
Recently, a bootstrapped and growing Education Technology company was looking for a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with industry knowledge for Telecom learning content, to create course content in the telecom domain... We provided them with an experienced SME with industry-specific knowledge, to create and execute their content modules. 
And these are just a few examples of how we matched the right talent to the business need. No matter where you are on the growth curve, we can help - with part-time, project-based, on-demand experienced talent to match your exact business needs. We can even provide an entire team of experts to take care of different complementary functions too. 
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