Interested in Graphic Design? Here is how you learn some skills

Yesterday we asked you Are you a Graphic Designer? Read on to know what new is happening in this area and promised to come back with tips to help you navigate these waters.
So here we are. So if you have always been the artistic type, used to walk around with a sketch pad when you were younger, and have a keen eye for color and detailing, then Graphic Design might well be the profession for you. Here is how you could brush up your skills.
How should you skill-up for a thriving career in Graphic Design
1# Learn from Online Tutorials: If you are just starting out as a designer, then free online tutorials are your best friend, especially Canva. Here is a link to Canva Design School Tutorials. They are a good blend of theory and practicals to give you hands-on knowledge as well.
2# Kit yourself up with tools: What is a graphic designer without her software? The real answer is ‘an artist’ but while that feels good to hear, it will not help you. You need to get yourself some tools if you are to become a serious designer. Some good ones for beginners are Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape, etc
3# Take up roles that allow you to practice: It could be to create visiting cards for a small company, or a simple logo for your neighborhood paanwala, do not turn anything down. Everything at this point is practice that will make you better.
4# Create your own portfolio: And if there is no work at all for some time, do not despair, but give yourself that inspiration and start creating. Different styles of typographies, sketches and portraits, alternate logos for your favorite brands, it will all serve to showcase your style and point of view when the time comes, plus it’s great practice. Experiment with colors, designs, shapes, illustrations to understand your own preferences and strengths.
5# Join Design Communities: These might be the best place to network, collaborate, learn something as well as get some work. Start building yourself up in these communities, start a collaboration project, post something you designed and invite feedback, pick up an internship with a well-known senior designer, the possibilities are endless.
#6 Immerse yourself in the design world: Read design books, read design blogs, listen to design podcasts, understand design history. Some of the books you can read are 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design, Interaction of Color, Logo Design Workbook and there is no dearth of good blogs you can follow such as Artwork Abode, 1st Web Designer, Canva Learn.
7# Follow fellow designers: Follow thought leaders on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, to get inspired and learn some tips. Not only can you learn from seeing their work, but can also interact with them through their social media pages.
And if you are someone who is already proficient, then we suggest you read our post from yesterday once more to see which of the current trends in graphic design you most resonate with. There is a whole spectrum to choose from - from niche specialisations to expanding your skillset - you can either go deep or wide, as you like for your skilling-up journey.
So all the best for your returnship in the space of Graphic Design. Like content writing, design too is a highly exciting field where you will always learn and do something new. So polish up your skills a bit and take the plunge. But like we said earlier, don’t wait to reach perfection, but attain it on-the-job. So start applying today to get into the groove and back into the game.
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