Let's Help Each Other : FlexiBees features Saathealth

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. It is times like these that separate the “wheat from the chaff.” 
COVID-19 has tested the limits of humanity and its ingenuity. Businesses, including start-ups are facing the heat. But entrepreneurs are not ones to give up. Today, many startups are trying out new models, approaches, channels, etc, in order to tide over this situation. We at FlexiBees want to amplify their voices, showcase their work and initiatives so that it reaches as many stakeholders as possible, and inspires others in the process. Together is how we shall overcome!
Today, we feature Saathealth (https://www.saathealth.com/), a digital platform that empowers young parents with gamified, behavior-change-driven content to raise healthy children. With over 100,000 downloads across 14 Indian cities the platform is building an AI powered learning journey to demonstrate shifts in knowledge and behaviors of young Indians. The team believes that every family should be empowered with the knowledge and resources to secure a healthy future for their children.
To spread awareness among their users during the current crisis, the Saathealth team has decided to expand the focus of their content to include COVID right now. Developed from partners like Sesame Workshop, UNICEF and Thrive, it is meant to provide their users with the most up-to-date and accurate information on the virus.
Additionally, in the fight against the pandemic, the Saathealth team believes that it is imperative to reach health consumers directly and to use the platform for public health interventions deployed to address other health concerns that may be worsened in a post-COVID world. To support frontline health workers in their ongoing efforts to reach people with preventive health information, Saathealth has waived their fees for non-profits using their platform till 30th June 2020.

With this, community health organisations will be able to reach health consumers directly with digital behaviour change communication in multiple formats and languages, to speak with their users about any health issue.  
Founders Aakash Ganju and Aditi Hazra-Ganju, have extensive experience in healthcare who have used technology to solve intractable problems and provide easy-to-scale solutions.
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