The Food Warriors: MyTree

With the pandemic still raging on and running amok in the country, it feels like we all know someone who is dealing with the virus unless we are dealing with it ourselves. The Covid-19 virus seems to have stretched its many tentacles to reach almost every household. Or so it feels. 
Apart from the frontline medical warriors trying to save the nation, many small enterprises and individuals are making the effort to help people in their own way. 
And we, at FlexiBees, want to honour and amplify their effort by sharing their stories. 
One such organization is MyTree by

What they do

MyTree is a nano local phone app that connects you to home chefs within your community that are within walking distance, in your neighborhood, often just your gated community. It enables connecting people and sharing food within a close neighbourhood. It also brings high-quality food and non-food items from small and local entrepreneurs, right to your doorstep. 
In these grim times, basics like food offer not just nutrition but also comfort.

In these COVID times...

In the current scenario, MyTree is making nutritious meals for families affected by Covid; where whole families are sick and cooking was becoming a challenge. Their chefs are mindful to create wholesome, protein-rich meals with less-oily and less-spicy ingredients to nurse the families back to good health. 
Though their services are geographically bound, they have made exceptions to bring homemade nutritious meals to every family that reached out to them - even if this meant extra travel or transport. 
Smita further shares that some of the families who signed up for only one month, when their families were affected by covid, were so happy with the service that they extended it for 5 more months, during and post their recuperation. 
On some occasions, due to the long and continuous association with a few families, the chefs also learnt more about the people they were serving and their food preferences. 
‘On one occasion, our chefs made a special traditional meal - complete with banana leaves-  for a festival to help the family celebrate!  On another similar occasion, our chefs made an extra effort to send special food as the family they were catering to was celebrating an anniversary. On some days, the chefs also send seasonal or childhood or dishes reminiscent of your grandmother’s cooking, like puranpoli and mango shrikhand. Recovery food need not be boring! 
Though these are special times and difficult conditions, we were able to spread cheer and joy to these families and it is really fulfilling to know that we could bring people comfort and smiles. And building these relationships and staying with our customers through their journeys was good for business too. We noticed that customers were choosing to extend their association with us.’ she shares.  

Here is what some of these families have to say: 

‘We would like to thank MyTree family for their excellent service and support to us, during covid recovery time. My entire family was down with covid and I got to know of MyTree, whom I contacted and explained my situation. Within an hour, MyTree team responded with a home-cooked meal plan that would help my family with recovery. They sorted out logistics and all we had to do was open our doors for nutritional food cooked by wonderful home chefs. We continued with the meals for 4-5 months and got a variety of foods, a few times customised to our liking. I owe our recovery post covid to great food provided by MyTree. Highly recommended.’ ---Vaibhav Taranekar and Deepa Dubey
‘My experience with MYTREE was really awesome. ALL The meals were sumptuous, tasty and very well made. The menus were thoughtfully balanced.  It was as if my mom were cooking for me. A huge thanks to the wonderful chef and the concept. LOVED IT!’ ----Suvarna S.
‘I can't thank MyTree enough for arranging meals during this crisis and sometimes on short notice. This was very overwhelming for me. I am really grateful that we were able to have nutritious meals to eat.
Heartfelt gratitude and loads of love for all the wonderful Mytree chefs who cooked such healthy and nutritious food.’ ---Anshu

Next big step: 

Using new-age delivery outfits, their home chefs are now delivering meals across Mumbai. MyTree is helping them with the digital platform. Families are happy on both ends of the transaction.
During these stress-ridden difficult times, if you are looking for a nutritious meal plan,  for you or your family in Mumbai, then do check out MyTree.