Tips & Tricks on updating your social media profile for finding a job

Hello ladies,
Hope you liked what we put out this week i.e. tips & tricks on updating your social media profile, to land your dream job.
If you could not catch it, then go here to learn how to make the best use of LinkedIn to boost your profile, here to know what immediate actions to take on social media to catch the attention of recruiters, and here to read what our Industry practitioner, Illustrator and Graphic Designer par excellence, Debjani had to say about how to go about using Social Media to get your dream gigs.
For those of you who did catch an article or two, we hope you started updated your online presence this week. With kids back in school, no excuses ! :) But in case you could not, don’t forget to use this weekend.
Pro tip: Remember now that the social media relevant to you can vary depending on what your function is. If you are a graphic artist, make sure your updated work is present on all relevant platforms like Behance and Vimeo, as well as social media like Instagram; if you are a content developer or writer, a blog that you advertise via Twitter and LinkedIn might be what works.
And if think you are ready to return to work, sign up with at If your experience matches any of our roles, we will get in touch with you.