Top Technical Skills of Today

Are you a techie looking to return to work in the near future? Want to know what skills are in vogue today? Read on. 
Yesterday we spoke about the broad Technology space, where it is going and what skill-sets it needs. Today let’s talk about today’s skills. Below are some of the ones that we come across on a regular basis. We will give you a very short teaser of each, and you can do your own research on them too.
Front-end Developer: The skills/languages popular today are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JavaScript libraries and frameworks like React, Angular and Vue. Do read up some good online material that explains in more detail what front-end development today entails.
Back-end Developer: Classic skills here are Java, on the backend and SQL on the database side. Nowadays languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails in addition to MySQL, PostGreSQL, MongoDB databases are in use.
Full-stack Developer: Wanting full-stack developers who can do both the front-end and back-end is a major trend today, with enterprises wanting to hire developers who can work on all levels of the application stack.
Mobile App Developer: There is a surge in demand today for mobile apps which has a direct impact on the demand for mobile developers as well. iOS developers must be proficient in Objective-C/ Swift, Android Developers must be skilled in Java. Many companies who want to quickly get to market, and want easily portable code are on the lookout for Hybrid App development skills as well.
Testers (Web & App): Every good company today knows how important it is to test their products before full-scale launch. It goes hand-in-hand with the demand for mobile app developers. Testers must have the skills to test on both web products and mobile apps.
DevOps Professionals: In this age of high tech innovation and crunched product cycles, DevOps people play a key role in enabling faster releases and deployment by using agile development methodologies, and through  improved collaboration between all teams and tools.
If you have these skills, or have some of them and want to build some others, give yourself avenues to practice by applying for jobs and projects. It’s the best gift you could give yourself!
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