Vaishnavi's husband and mom have been her biggest pillars of support

Vaishnai Jai working flexibly as a content writer for a Financial Services company, calls her husband and her mom, her biggest pillars of support. They encouraged her to do her best, always, be at home or in her career and gave her a helping hand, whenever she was caught up with work.
My husband and mom are my biggest pillars of support. My husband was the one who initially encouraged me to give a try to getting back to work. More than the remuneration, he wanted me to feel proud of what I’m doing. Whether looking after my daughter while I’m slogging at the keyboard or entertaining here while I’m busy with calls, he’s always there to lend a supporting shoulder.
The other person I’m so grateful is to my mom. Though we live in different towns, she’s always ready to drive all the way here and look after her granddaughter when I request her. My mom was initially reluctant in me joining work as she believed that it’ll be a burden for me – taking care of the home, my daughter and work. But, once she saw that working made me feel happy and content, she has been doing all that she can do to ease my burden. And, she has always made time to babysit my daughter, even though she manages a business full-time.
I believe that having a support system at home is essential for giving our best at work. Though your family members may be reluctant initially, once they see that you enjoy what you’re doing, they are sure to come around. I believe the best way to ease the atmosphere at home is by letting your family know your working times. For instance, if you have planned to work during the weekends, let them know in advance. So that, they can plan their schedule accordingly.
When it comes to kids, once they are above five, they understand that mommy is working and they won’t disturb you. Finally, if possible set a home office setup or even a small corner as your designated workspace. This way, once you’re there, your family knows that you’re concentrating on your work and they’ll learn not to disturb you. It’s all about a balancing act, and it’s easier when you’ve got family to rely on.

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