Want to be an Expert Content Writer or Marketer? Read on

A quick refresher, we have been talking about the I-RISE plan since the past few weeks. I-RISE is your roadmap to Technical Readiness for Returnship and to know about it, go here. As part of the 4th step, Skill-up, this week we shall talk about Content, Content Development, Creation, Strategy, Management and everything to do with it, in some detail. Content is one of the most sought after skill-sets in this new economy, and if you plan to continue or start your second career in Content, read on!
Now who does not know that Content today is one of the most universal components of all businesses, whether you are a start-up trying to generate demand for your product, or an MNC wanting to engage in Influencer Marketing, Content is critical to both of these. So if you want to make your second career in the space of content, here are some trends you need to know about.
Here below are 5 trends that every Content Professional should know about:
1# Content is King: Now this phrase has been repeated so often that we don’t even know where it originated, nevertheless, it is very true. Like mentioned above, good content is the route to everything from creating a brand for yourself to getting leads for your products. With the rise and rise of Google, the internet and smartphones, today an average consumer wants and is able to be much better informed about all of their purchase decisions, and content is how they get acquainted with what’s on offer. Whether that is through PR, explainer articles and videos, product reviews, advertising, advertorials, emails that are delivered to their inboxes, and other more unique content pieces, content is crucial to the purchase journey
2# Specialisations: Content has become such a vast area today that it has multiple specialisations within its fold. As a person working in the Content Industry, you could be a Content Strategist or a Marketer, a Content Manager, or a Content Creator which could mean an article writer, a copywriter, a graphic or video artist, a photographer, among others
3# Digital is the Kingmaker: If Content is King, it is the rise of the Digital Medium, that has given it its exalted position. Today all brands, whether big or small, need to have a digital route to the consumer, and content plays a huge role here. It provides numerous ever-increasing touchpoints and platforms through which brands can reach their target audiences, in a very contextually setting and with relevant messaging. Each of these platforms have their own rules that provides more avenues for a Content professional to specialise in. Example, you could just build expertise in email marketing campaign management, and that would be a desirable enough skill-set.
4# Content is Always ON: Digital as we know is famous for being always on. Anytime that the end consumer looks at his or her phone, whether it is via facebook banner ads, sponsored Instagram posts, an email subscription, a blog update from a page she follows, and a post update from an Infuencer she follows, brands today have no down-time. This means an increased role for developing content that travels across platforms, having a strategy for each key platform, and having a cracko of a manager to manage all this complexity.
5# Hundred types of Writing: Even if we take one specialisation of Content, Content Writing, today it has branched into its own sub-specialisations. You could be someone who knows how to write good SEO-aligned articles, someone who can write crisp brand-aligned social media content or someone who specialises in well-researched, white paper-like informative writing. Ecommerce has opened up the area of writing product descriptions and reviews and with all brands trying to find their digital routes to the consumer, we have specialists writers today for B2B content vs B2C content, among other niches
All of this indicates that the scope in the Content field today is vast. If Content is what interests you, and you have a flair for it, then we have more tips for you this week that will help you brush up your skills and make your career in it! But like we always say, don’t wait to reach perfection, instead attain it on-the-job. So start applying today to get into the groove and back into the game.
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