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About FlexiBees

We provide part-time, project-based and remote-working talent to businesses, who receive the benefit of the experience the talent brings, and the agility and cost-efficacy of our flexible models. Especially in times, when hiring full-time employees may be expensive, our talent pool of qualified women working remotely, and our part-time and project-based models are great alternatives for businesses looking to experiment, MVP new models, or grow quickly.

What’s more, we take on the onus of finding the best-fit match ourselves through a tech enabled selection process; this means clients spend less than 10% of the effort they would spend hiring from other sources, and the quality of the match is great as a result of which 65% of our business comes from repeat clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does FlexiBees offer?

We offer high-quality, vetted talent with various kinds of flexibilities for MSMEs,
  • Part-time and Remote Talent for On-going Roles
  • Full-time and Remote Talent for On-going Roles
  • Remote Consultants for Short Duration Projects

What are the contract durations?
Our standard contracts start at 3 months, that can be mutually renewed. For projects, we can start at 30-40 hours per month onwards.

Why FlexiBees?
We stand out from the crowd as we,
  • Provide an exceptionally good quality of match using our BEST fit end-to-end recruitement process.
  • We ensure that our clients save 90% of the time while hiring from us vs hring from other sources.
  • We have a talent pool of 17000+ experineced women professionals who can fulfil a large number and vareity of roles - across industries and functions.
What is the process?
  • Our Business Development manager will understand your requirement in more detail
  • She will send a proposal in a couple of days, which will have sample profiles and pricing. These sample profiles will help you get a flavor of our talent, and see the kind of professionals we have for your requirement
  • Once you are aligned on profiles and pricing, we will start our recruitment process. This is a 4 touch point process we have designed over the last 3.5 years, that not only matches for skills but also things like time availability, commitment, work ethic etc
  • We will have 1-2 very targeted candidate profiles per role from our selection process, that we will send to you. We will help you schedule interviews with them
  • If you like them post the interview, we will do a contract within a day, and once there is a sign-off in place, we can immediately launch

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