Industry Expert & Freelance Graphic Designer Debjani Bhattacharya shares Tips on how to find work using Social Tools and Media

In the second of our Industry Experts series, meet Debjani Bhattacharya, freelance Graphic Designer who works for several high growth businesses! Read on to learn how important “Social Media presence” is for her field, how she makes the best use of “Social tools” to showcase her work and source new work.
Social media presence is important not only for Graphic roles, but all roles in general such as Marketing, Digital Marketing, Technology, Content Writing etc. If you are interested in making a re-entry in any of these fields, with flexibility by your side, apply to us today! (*details given below).
1. Tell us what your skill-sets are, what you do as a professional
I am a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer. My skill sets include Illustration, Visualization, Graphic Design, Conceptualization, a good grasp on Design software, User interaction design etc. Being a freelancer, I am constantly on the lookout for new clients as well as roles that challenge me creatively.
2. Why did you decide to use Social Media to get more jobs
In today's world it is very important to have a social media presence and if you are from the field of advertising or a freelancer in any field, you definitely need to have a presence in the Digital world. I have my online portfolio on Behance and Vimeo so I can always share the link of my work samples with  potential clients. I also have a Facebook page that I try to update regularly thanks to Facebook’s reminder notifications :)
In addition I have an updated, and active LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest accounts.
Social media not only helps me source projects, it also helps me come in touch with other creative individuals and hence allows me to get feedback and different perspectives on my work.
3. What actions did you take on Social Media to get more jobs
I usually look out for job/project announcements that interests me and approach them. I am part of multiple Facebook and LinkedIn groups that are relevant to my field. I have also set up “Job alerts” on my Gmail. Networking with relevant people also brings out a broader angle to my interest.
4. What was the impact of the above actions
There is always a network or channel of people I get introduced to. Sometimes it works and I get good projects soon. I usually try to get projects that I can add to my portfolio in terms of variety or experience. Even if they do not work out immediately, I end up making contacts that eventually come to use.
5. What tips do you have for freelancers or jobseekers who are looking for work using Social Media
  • Keep an online portfolio and always update it with your latest work
  • Never forget your previous co-workers and employers and maintain a good relationship with them
  • Always share your latest work on social media, especially the ones you are proud of :)
  • Engage and interact in groups that interest your skills
  • Try and be updated with the software skills needed in your field
  • Be open about enquires, and be specific about your expectations
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