Let's Help Each Other : FlexiBees features GoLivMo

In our “Let us Help Each Other” series, today, FlexiBees features GoLivMo the “Amazon of activities,” an in-city e-commerce marketplace that efficiently connects Activity Creators with local users who are actively searching for fun and meaningful activities. 
In difficult times supporting each other is the sure way to succeed. Through the Let us Help Each Other series FlexiBees aims to amplify the initiatives start-ups are taking to thrive in times of  COVID-19. 
GoLivMo ( https://GoLivMo.com) is an in-city e-commerce marketplace that efficiently connects Activity Creators (Businesses, Organizations, Non-profits, Communities) with local users who are actively searching for fun and meaningful activities. They aggregate daily activities and experiences (Think: Amazon of Activities) saving consumers time and money.
This unique concept is the brainchild of Kevin Ou who has had an illustrious career in entertainment and marketing. He began his professional by creating images and advising Hollywood-based movie/music studios on celebrity branding. He later co-founded a successful media company (Modern Home + Living) that was acquired by a leading global publishing firm. Kevin’s exciting new venture (GoLivMO), his crossover with technology aims to bring the world together by opening easy access points into new communities.
During the current COVID stay-home and social distancing mandates, GoLivMo has decided to expand its collection with social distancing-friendly activities to keep the adrenaline of its users pumping . They have introduced virtual/ online, in-home, low density and small groups pursuits to empower users to spend their time more productively. In their own words, “we’re doing our best to provide users with reasons and entertainment to stay indoors.”
Intrigued? Take a look to find out more ( https://youtu.be/LC-31YSAWKo, https://youtu.be/KKYcHi1ecvw)

FlexiBees has provided companies, both startups and established players, with part-time talent for many projects and roles; across a variety of functions & skill-sets like  Inside Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Investment Banking, Technology, Content Development, Writing, Graphic Design, etc. All these companies have benefited by being able to hire high quality talent at pricing optimised only for the hours of work they need.  With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to businesses trying new approaches, strategies, MVPs, etc, part-time and project-based talent, that are high-quality and affordable, can help. 
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