Turbulent times. Cash Flow issues. Changing business needs - One Solution.

The harsh reality of the number of Covid positive cases and the poor medical infrastructure is daunting and heart-breaking. But, as the old adage goes, the show must go on. And as entrepreneurs, founders and business owners, you need to find ways to keep your business afloat, teams’ morale high and ensure steady cash flows.
But you might be caught in the middle of various difficult circumstances. 
You might be facing a situation where your teammates or their families are sick and you need to replace them quickly or find others who can help out in the short term. 
Or your business might have a sudden surge (like pharma, medical, essential goods, e-commerce, etc.) where you need extra hands on deck. 
Or you might be pivoting and revamping your products and offerings in line with the current economic landscape and need professionals to help you experiment in these nascent stages before you decide to hire full-time employees. 
Or you might be thinking about growth during this pandemic. 

But how can you manage healthy cash flow while addressing your changing business needs in these turbulent times?

We, at FlexiBees, can offer solutions to these various challenges and more by providing you with part-time, remote and experienced professionals who can hit the ground running; and not burn a hole in your pocket or cost you endless hours of searching for the right candidate. 
Here are a few examples of how we have been able to help some of our clients: 

Case #1: Hiring candidates quickly to fill-in for a Covid-affected team member

Last year, a Singapore-based firm that provides advanced eCommerce Market Intelligence needed a Data Analyst,  as they needed to fill in for a teammate who was hospitalised due to Covid. They needed someone quickly.  Within a week, we could provide them with a good replacement ready to go & deliver from day 1, with minimum onboarding hassle. The client has been happy and we have since provided them with three more professionals, and two of them were offered full-time positions with the organization. 

Case #2: Hiring part-time professionals to experiment & build proof of concept

A US-based start-up that wanted to solve the urgent problem connecting employers and job seekers. They were focusing on professionals who lost their jobs, especially blue-collar ones, and decided to create a personalized marketplace for them. They were in the very nascent stages of inception and needed to work out a proof of concept to kick off the project. To experiment and quickly build a viable product, they hired 5 flexible professionals from FlexiBees, including a UI/UX designer, a Web Developer, an Android Developer, a Digital Marketing Expert and a Sales Telecaller. Not only did hiring part-time professionals allow them to start building quickly, but it was also budget-friendly. 

Case #3: Hiring experienced professionals to quickly meet the surge in demand 

At the beginning of the pandemic and the lockdowns, an ed-tech start-up suddenly saw a surge in their demand as children no longer could go to school or play outside and needed to be occupied while at home. They quickly needed to onboard a lot of online tutors to meet their growing demand. We were able to quickly provide a slew of tutors with relevant teaching experience and who could work for the hours needed. 


In these turbulent times, one might be wise to tread carefully. But while there are many things that seem to be spinning out of control, there are some things you can do to better manage your changing business demands, while still keeping it budget friendly. 
With work-from-home becoming the new normal, we invite you to try hiring flexibly to be better equipped with today’s constantly changing goal posts. 
Drop us a line if you would like to hire flexible talent to support your business. Or click here if you want to read more success stories of the talent we’ve provided.