Why Read Found Again?

Why Read Found Again?

These are inspiring true stories of twenty women who have created unique career paths that aligned with their life needs. You will visit their dilemmas, understand their choices, and revel in their successes. You will see how they found themselves again.

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The FlexiBees app for women has a universe of flexible career options.

The FlexiBees app for women has a universe of flexible career options.

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Praise for Found Again

Who is “Found Again: Real Stories of Women, Work and Flexibility for?”


You will get insights from real stories of women - what they did and how they did it

A person who is about to take a career break

This book will help you prepare for what is to come and on how to strike the work-life balance

Partners of women who are on a career break

This book will open you up to the world of the woman in your life and help you help her

Business Leaders

It will help you tap into this experienced and driven talent pool, and build high-performing, diverse and inclusive teams.

Policy makers

It is a gateway to the real needs of women who go missing from the workforce, with possible solutions of how to bring them back.


This book will help everyone by inspiring them to chase their dreams no matter what the challenges

Meet the Authors

Deepa, Rashmi and Shreya are the three women behind FlexiBees, and the co-authors of this book.

Friends and batchmates from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore 2008, they went on to build successful careers in leading organizations like Unilever, P&G, KPMG and Aptech. Keeping in touch with each other, they realized something was deeply amiss when Deepa, having taken a career break due to her mother’s terminal illness and a young child to care for, found it impossible to get back to work into a role that did justice to her past accomplishments.

They started FlexiBees in 2017 to help qualified women professionals return to work in aspirational and meaningful careers, through flexibility, that they believe is one of the biggest unlocks for caregivers to have fulfilling careers while being able to prioritize other key responsibilities.

Over the years FlexiBees has worked with more than 550 organizations from across the world and helped thousands of women make the journey back to work. They have helped create and normalize a new way of working and living, for both people and businesses.

In their spare time and between the three of them they travel, read, co-parent, paint, write and watch bad rom-coms. They dream of a world where each individual is able to design a life of choice, with meaningful work, but also the time to pursue hobbies and passions, invest in relationships and be their happiest, most fulfilled selves.