Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions by Candidates

Q : I have registered but I want to update my contact information? Will I be allowed to edit Phone number, Email id - either or both?

A : You can login to your registered profile and can update your phone number; please use your registered email id to login. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your registered email id.

Q: I have not registered myself till now. What should I do?

A : You will need to first Sign Up at our Website in the “For Job-Seekers” section - Once the basic Sign-Up is done, you would need to Login with your Email id and password and then update your profile with detailed Skills and Experience in as much detail as possible. We also suggest uploading your updated resume to maximise your chances.

Q : What is the process for applying for a job with FlexiBees?

A : The only process required right now is to Register yourself with as much detail about your education and past experience as you can - If you have already registered, please ensure your profile is updated in a detailed manner to reflect ALL your functional skill sets. We also suggest uploading your updated resume to maximise your chances.

As and when a matching opportunity comes up, our Team will get in touch with shortlisted candidates.

Q : How will your team get in touch with me?

A : Our Team will get in touch with you either at the phone number(s) or Email id you have provided on registration. Please ensure your phone number is updated, at all times, and provide a valid alternative number as well.

Please remember to keep checking your Email periodically. Some job roles require a further application process to be completed - usually through filling of a Form that will get sent through Email only.

Q : I have registered, however did not receive any email or text confirming it. Can you please explain? Should I register again?


I have registered my profile long time back. But have still not been called for any opportunity.

A : Due to high volume of registrations, we were not providing confirmations on registration earlier. Rest assured that once you submit your Form with all mandatory details, the registration process is completed. No further confirmations are required. There is no need to register again.

You will be contacted if shortlisted for specific job roles.

Q : What type of job will you be able to provide. Will it be a target oriented job?

A : We do a match of skill sets and contact people only based on past experience and skills. Hence the job that you will get shortlisted for will relate to your past experience.

For e.g. If you have skill sets in HR, you will get called for HR related jobs. If your past experience pertains to Business Development, you will get called for those jobs requiring Business Development.

We have a wide variety of projects across all Functions such as Digital Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Graphic Design, Technology, Sales, Business Development, Learning Content Writing, Creative Content Writing, Technical Content Writing.

Only Sales Projects have targets attached to payouts. Even these will be clearly explained at the time of shortlisting, so you can make an informed choice.

Q : What salary can I expect through your work from home jobs?

A : All our placements are currently on contract basis. That means the role will be for a fixed duration, and for a specified number of part time hours. The contract amount depends on the job role, number of hours of work required to be put in per day/ week, the level of seniority required for the job and the industry. It varies from function to function, and is difficult to standardize and mention here.

Q : Can you give me a contact number so that I can talk to someone?

A : Due to high volume, we encourage you to read this Frequently Asked Questions, and only if there are any queries remaining to be addressed, you may Call / Whatsapp at +91 9962022305 / write to [email protected] If the query has already been covered in this document, please understand that it would be difficult for us to respond to you.

Q: Where is the Company based at? Can we come in person and talk to someone?

A : The registered office of our Company is in Thane, Maharashtra. However, we are largely a remote organization. The three co-founders, as well as all Internal Staff who work for FlexiBees, work largely remotely. If you are unable to register for any reason, you may write to [email protected] / contact us at +919962022305. Please refrain from asking about detailed updates about job openings. Those questions are addressed here in this Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: When will I get a job?

A : Your getting shortlisted at any point in time depends on the following factors:-

a. FlexiBees having an opportunity in the specific functional area at that point in time. Though we cater to a wide variety of functions the exact opportunities that are open at any point in time depends on the Project Pipeline and current demand from Clients

b. Whether you have filled your registration form with all relevant skill sets that you are capable of in your functional area, posted your updated resume etc

c. If the Client has a requirement for meetings, in which case the city of operation becomes relevant as a criteria

d. Any other shortlisting criteria relevant for the job role

Post the shortlisting we have detailed recruitment processes that include Preliminary Interviews, Pre-recruitment Assignment, Functional Interviews, Client Interview and Selection.

After Client Selection, you will enter into a Contract, attend an Induction, & launch into a job.

Q : What type of firm is Flexibees? What does it do?

A: We are a private limited company founded for 3 Women Alumni of IIM Bangalore (2008 Batch).

Our vision is to re-employ qualified and experienced women professionals across all areas of expertise, for whom part-time/work-from-home works better as a life choice. We implement projects with companies that are staffed by Women working part time and from home.

Please refer to the Sections on FlexiBees website ( on “About Us” (, “Who we are” and “What we do” ( for more details. You can also visit our Facebook page for some regular updates (

Q : What type of jobs do you offer?

A : We provide job roles across all Functions such as Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Business Development, Finance, Accounting, Graphic Design, Technology, Learning Content Writing, Creative Content Writing. It depends on the specific opportunity available at that point in time.

Q : How do I know the current opportunities that are available with you. Is there any link that you have where I can go and check?

A : We do not publish current opportunities as we do the matching of skill sets ourselves, and no other application is necessary for registered Candidates ( Our website ( and Facebook page ( have a list of Testimonials from Consultants who have worked / are working on FlexiBees projects as well as Recently Placed jobs for you to get an idea.

Q : Are you a genuine organization? Some work from home companies charge the candidates or take some investment. How can I know this is genuine?

A : We are a 100% genuine organization. We are a private limited company and have a reputed CA Firm that audits our books of account. We do not charge any money from candidates for placement nor do we encourage job roles that require money investment from our candidates. The only investment required is of your time, experience and skill sets.

Our contracting process ensures that the Terms of work are fairly and legally drawn up, and you know the Terms before starting the job.

Q : How can I refer my friend to register herself?

A : She can register herself by Signing Up at our Website in the “For Job-Seekers” section ( Once the basic Sign-Up is done, she would need to Login with her Email id and password and update her Skills and Experience in detail.

Q : Do you also provide training or re-skilling for women wanting to return after a career break

A: We have started disseminating structured knowledge material through various online platforms on how to prepare for returning to work after a career break. How to make herself ready, even before an opportunity comes, so that when the opportunity presents itself, she can be ready to grab it. These comprise general guidelines that cut across all functions, and also very deep guidance for each sector that we have built knowledge on. These are currently available for free on our Blog section of the website-

You can also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions Section for clarifying any of your doubts: and follow our Facebook Page for shorter nuggets of useful content, Testimonials and Tips for preparation: